UPDATE: Three Prophets Warned Instagram Vendor, Khadis, About Death But She Disobeyed – Source


Perhaps, Instagram vendor, Olayinka Adeshina, popularly called Khadis would have avoided death if she had listened to prophets who allegedly told her to be wary of lurking death hence should be prayerful.

Thegazellenews.com exclusive investigation revealed that Olayinka was in one of the celestial churches in Ikorodu, her homestead, Sunday before her death.

According to our source, three different prophets told her to be prayerful because death was lurking.

Our source said the prophecies were written on pieces of paper for her as it was the practice in the Celestial family.

“She tore the papers containing the prophecies saying she is not bothered by what the prophets said,” our source said.

Even the Shepherd in charge of the church allegedly tried to intervene, when he learnt of her reaction.

“The Shepherd called her and told her to see him but she rebuffed him, saying she’s in a hurry to get back to Ibadan because of an impending appointment,” source told thegazellenews.com

Olayinka, in her early 20s, was said to be the youngest child of her mother. Her original name was Khadijat.

“She was a Muslim but converted to Christianity, the only one from her family to do so, and that’s where the name, Khadis was derived,” sources told thegazellenews.com


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