Transformation Parenteen Academy Holds Virtual Class For Teenagers To Boost Academic Excellence


Transformational Parenteen Academy, an educational platform, has announced a class for teenagers under ages 8 to 18 years, which us coming up tomorrow, Saturday 22nd and 23rd April 2023 on ZOOM.

Parents have been urged to sign up their wards to participate in the programme with the theme: ‘Goal Setting For Academic Excellence’

The programme, which consists of in-depth topics and interactive sessions, will be led by experienced coaches and mentors, and would cover various aspect including identifying and setting SMART goals; creating a vision board to visualize goals; developing a growth mindset and overcoming obstacles, building Habits and routines to achieve success as well as celebrating progress and staying motivated.

Mute Olori, the Founder of the Academy, speaking on the programme to NewsBreakNG, said: “We believe it will not only help teens achieve their goals but also improve their overall well-being and confidence.

“So, I want to urge parents not to let their wards miss out on this opportunity to invest in their future of their children and help them unlock their full potential.”

Olori noted that distraction is a major cause of failure for many students and it can interfere with their ability to concentrate and focus on their studies.

“They find it difficult to retain information, understanding concepts, and completing tasks. This can create a vicious cycle of decreased productivity and increased stress, leading to a decline in academic performance.

“Therefore, it is important for students to identify and manage distractions to improve their academic success,” She added.

Prospective participants can register through this link >>> with a sum of N5,000.


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