SAfER: Oyo Omituntun Buses Resumes Operation Today


As there can’t be mention of sustainability without maintenance, it became expedient for the Pacesetter Transport Services to ensure to put the OMITUNTUN BUSES in efficient service delivery through sustainable maintenance procedures.

The buses have unarguably been a solace in the State serving its SAfER purpose and beyond in this economic state of the Nation at large, representing the pacesetting proactive response of Gov. Seyi Makinde led administration. Hence, the need to ensure that this timely economic intervention is sustained through maintenance.

These buses work all day long from Monday to Saturday, and some, even on Sundays, making a collective and intensive maintenance impossible; not forgetting to add that the adequate rest of the drivers is also a pragmatic maintenance practice. Hence, the need for a scheduled period particularly dedicated to this purpose.

The operations of the buses, though stalled by several other circumstances such as hike and scarcity of fuel for the buses, came to a pause but one should expect that such break would not be put to waste under the leadership of Hon. Dr. Salami Oladeji Ibraheem DIKKO, who proactively channelled the break towards servicing and maintenance of the buses.

However, the good news is, the wait is over as activities are set to begin again today, 29th February, 2024.

The Chairman of the Pacesetter Transport Services hinted this in a recent interview on the activities of the company.

In his words: “We didn’t mean to cut short the expectations of the good people of Oyo State or intentionally withhold from them what we know has been a huge blessing. It has been our own joy as well that through the opportunity given to us by His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde, that we have been able to put smiles on several faces and provided a relief in this period.

“However, many things come at different costs and no business at the moment has been lethal enough not to adjust to these situations.

“However, rather than a mere adjustment, we seized the opportunity to do what we might not have the time to do again in a long while to come and which is equally important for the smooth and continuous running of the subsidized transportation services, which is servicing and maintenance of the buses.

“We are also extending our operations beyond the borders of the State to other States soon, and this also requires the upgrade of some of these vehicles to suit the advancement.”

“We are however sorry for whatever inconvenience this break has caused our commuters and we are promising to be better as the buses get back to work on Thursday,” the Chairman assured.

Commuters are therefore enjoined to look out for the Omituntun buses again from today as every necessary procedures have been put in place to ensure the efficient and effective subsidized transportation services in the State.


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