OYO GUBER POLL: Ex-Commissioner, Afonja, Speaks High Of Makinde, Says Gov Deserves To Be Reelected


Former Commissioner for Works and Transport, Prof. Raphael Afonja AbdulRahman, has heap praised the overall performance of Gov. Seyi Makinde in Oyo State, calling for massive support of his reelection bid come March 18th.

He made this public disclosure while answering questions in a radio interview on Fresh FM (105.9) on Sunday which was monitored by MOUTHPIECE NGR.

Afonja hinged the rationale behind his decision to support Engr. Seyi Makinde re-election bid on the giant strides the administration has achieved over the last three and half years .

“On a personal note, Engr. Seyi Makinde has displayed tremendous interest in the development of the state with great show of commitment and understanding of the grip of governance.

“When I was in the office as Commissioner for Works, most of the unfinished projects of past administration led by late Abiola Ajimobi were completed and consequently put into use. A man of such understanding of continuity and consistency should be applauded and deserves another chance.

Prof. Afonja, who also spoke about the economic development of Oyo State, noted series of indicators across the four pillars of his “Roadmap to Accelerated Development” which have greatly improved the economy of the state under Makinde-led administration.

However, on the outcomes of elections in Ogbomoso, Afonja linked the sad political outing PDP had in Ogbomoso on February 25th election to lack of integrity as displayed by the leaders who failed to mobilise funds meant to support the candidates to succeed at the polls.

“There were many things that went to play in that elections and part of which was the funds meant to be mobilized for the success of the elections were not appropriately pulled out. The leaders have to be held responsible for this.

“Another point of great concern was failure of leaders to stay and monitor votes at their respective polling units. Over voting in some regions was also culminated to such avoidable loss suffered by the party across the board. Party leaders have great roles to play.

He urged Oyo state voters particularly the people of Ogmoso zone to come out en- mass and deliver Governor Seyi Makinde on March 18,2023, adding that it is the only way to reward him for his advancement of the zone.


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