OPINION: Tunde Eso Deserves A Nobel Laureate Prize | By Maryann Iberuche


In the last five years, I discovered that more youths are conscious and pro-active about educing peace and progress in the world, unlike antecedent times. One notable feature in this feat, is the founder of Youthocracy, Tunde Eso. One who stands with the youth stands with the majority. If the founding fathers of Nigeria were still alive to witness the Nigeria of today, they would uncontrollably shed tears, as present-day Nigeria is not the Nigeria of their dream. An attempt to revive and restore Nigeria brought about thinking from a man who has a great vision for Nigeria, Tunde Eso.

One prominent tool which he is employing in promoting the peace of Africa is his book titled “African security solution.” In his book, he exposed the ills of the African society as regards security. In accordance with chapter one of the book, he explains that a society that fails to consider the plight of youth in its politics would end up creating insecurity.

In buttressing his points, Eso communicates that the youths are the cream and dynamism of any society, so they are not to be left out in the daily menace facing their lives and properties.

Why would a man who is picking up every tactic to enable that the shoulders of Africa are still kept high not be crowned with the honor of a Nobel laureate? To be justifiable, it would be creditable for Eso to be enlisted into the long list of intellects that have bagged the noble laureate award, the likes of Arthur Adkin, Denis Mukwege, James P.Allison, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Wole Soyinka, J.J Thomas, CV Raman, and many others.

Over the years, various intellects have emerged Nobel laureates in Africa, Nigeria is not left out as our prestigious Professor Woke Soyinka bagged the honor, enlisting a major key player in peacebuilding like Eso into such merit award should be made as he deserves it.

He has proved that he deserves the award, through communicating to Africans, thereby making a notable change through his books, vision for Africa and Africa security solution. In Africa’s security solution, he made an approach to afflicting issues, like social, developmental, economic and political issues. Explaining that these issues and inequalities are the cause of insecurity in Africa.

“He affirmed that his book on security is a good compendium for Africans and world readership who are interested in peace and progress of humanity and not just Africa alone.” His effort is undeniably waking up the sleeping giants among youths, as many youths have taken up the mantle of having a great interest in the political affair of nations to ensure and promote growth in all ramifications and all sectors of the economy. Noble laureate should be awarded to characters and key players in the society like Eso, who has created a paradigm shift in the thinking for the various fields, like an economic, social and political field.

According to Eso, he is ever ready to create a major shift that would push the growth of Africa as a continent, thereby placing her in the level of becoming a superpower, one of such solution is buried in his above-stated book, where he said that “if we fix electricity in Africa, we have fixed 75% of our problem in Africa, then there would be peace in Africa”.

Undoubtedly, this is like eating yam straight out of the fire, yet it is one major solution to the problem of Africa. Eso has been preaching peace for the past 21 years of his life, and he doesn’t seem to relinquish any time soon until he achieves his vision for Africa, and his voice is heard in the whole of Africa and beyond. Since 1901, numerous individuals have been honored with the noble laureate, one honor which is given to intellects who have done their best work in fraternity between nations, thereby making a change. Eso is not an exemption or this, as his work has been read and seen by many from all works of life. Saying he deserves the honor will seem sugar coating, to back up this reason, a look at his profile would give reasons why he has attained the height of bagging the award of a Nobel laureate.

Eso is the founder and brain behind the concept of Youthocracy, which is a new system of government; he defined as a government of the people, by the youth and for the people. Among many awards for his intellectual acumen, he was awarded with ‘Icon of Intellectual Capacity in Nigeria’ by National Association of Polytechnics (NAPS), Nigeria in April, 2016, ‘Outstanding Youth of the Year Award of Indigenous Governance and Entertainment Award (IGEA) by AMEBO9JA on 27th of February, 2017 and Leadership Personality of the year by PALEC Prestige Anchor Leadership, Empowerment and Capacity Awards on 13th July, 2017 at Abuja; got ‘African youth advocate’ award 2017 by AFRIMS, Faculty of Arts Students Association, OAU, Ile-Ife in Nigeria awarded him ‘founder of Youthocracy’ on 21st May 2018 and Discovery for Youths 2018 on 29th May 2018, awarded him thus ‘In recognition of your relentless contribution to the development and empowerment of the Nigerian youth’.

Eso is the author of the African Security Solution and Vision for Africa. He is also the publisher of Findout Newspapers; president of Fix Nigeria Group with coordinators across the country, was Youth Leader, Nigerian Youth Forum and became the South-West Youth Leader and Coalition for Democratic Nigeria in 2015. Not forgetting the fact that at the age of 39 years, he was a 2018 People’s Democratic Party aspirant for governor of Osun State in Nigeria.

A political scientist and renowned journalist with more than 10 years’ experience in public relations, project, and public management, media consulting; he has to his credit more than 60 published articles in both local and national dailies providing pragmatic solutions to societal ills. He has a passion for human capacity and nation-building. He has been engaged in motivational talks for over a decade. With the above-mentioned profile, one would agree and have in mind that since the existence of mankind, various intellects have been produced, but none has taken up the mantle to ever pen down the vision of youth, impacts they make and the role they play in politics.

The youths have been highly neglected in the game of politics, as the politicians believe the game of politics is well played with the older generation and not the contemporary day youth. Eso is trying to eliminate this belief that is why he is ready to stand for the youth at any political, economic or social level.

A review of his book vision for Africa, put in mind that he has the progress of Africa and the rest of the world at heart, one of his vision is to awaken the consciousness of progressive-minded youths in Africa towards taking their destinies in their hands politically, economically and socially.

To him, credible youthocrats are his preferred candidate in any political activity, otherwise, a profound gerontocrat who will ensure youth inclusiveness. One with such vision should not be neglected; they should be honorably awarded as this would serve as motivation for them to carry out their mission effectively. Tunde Eso is inclusive of this fact, therefore awarding him a Nobel laureate won’t be a bad idea.


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