Omotosho Unstable, Psychiatric Patient More Stable Than Him – Eleka


Media Aide to Professor Kolapo Olusola has described former House of Assembly member, Dr. Samuel Omotoso, a rabble-rouser who was seeking his boss’ attention through the back door after so much insults.

Mr. Adebisi, while reacting to the statement allegedly credited to Samuel Omotoso, said the former Assembly member is known for an uncharitable character who behaves like an underdog in the party for selfish interest.

In a statement credited to Omotoso, he alleged the former Deputy Governor of not responding to his WhatsApp messages; idolising himself with so much rhetoric.

Reacting, Adebisi said Omotoso is a known rogue, ruffian, and controversial greedy man in the party whose interest is to cause division among the rank and file of the leaders in the party to have his way. Professor Kolapo Olusola Eleka is a man of integrity and unquestionable character; he can not operate in the controversial corner of Omotoso and that should not be seen as hatred, but the introvert Eleka always stays away from unruly character, except Omotoso changes his way.It

We know it iis a fact that the character of Professor Eleka and other revered leaders in the party are part of what is giving the party hope in Ekiti State.

Mocking Samuel Omotoso, he said only a psychiatric patient behaves inconsequentially like him. As a former deputy governor and a Professor of Building Technology from Obafemi Awolowo University, the character of Omotoso would not be allowed to drag his reputation in the mud.

Professor Olusola Eleka has so much regard for Omotoso but seeing Omotoso degenerating always baffles him. As a practicing medical doctor, why should Omotoso see politics as a do-or-die or a game of blood and disrespect?

A disgraced Doctor with unruly and thuggish behavior tarnishes the image of the Medical Profession. Omotoso is daily degenerating from Healer to Hooligan and his story is becoming the Fall of a Once-Respected Doctor for his unruly behaviour, indecency, and medical misconduct. He has become a disruptive force. His professional decay has always led to a descent into indecency and thuggery. A rogue doctor with his unprofessional actions and their consequences.

Professor is a contented man filled with the anointing of God. He’s back to class to continue in the business of imparting knowledge and building future generations. This is what he has been doing since he left the government in 2018. Omotoso should borrow a cue from him by focusing on his profession of saving lives rather than constituting a nuisance with his promiscuous behaviour and also unguided utterances on social media.

Recall that Samuel Omotoso is a major backer of Mr. Funso Ayeni, one of the Chairmanship Aspirants of the party in the coming congresses. Funso Ayeni is a fine gentleman that can be the Chairman of the Party, but the long standing tradition of the swapping and rotation of the party positions cannot be ignored and the SWC of the party affirmed the swapping/rotation of the party position which constitutionally invalidates the chairmanship ambition of Mr. Funso Ayeni.

We warned these overzealous proponents of the North agenda against their actions of going against the SWC of the party. It is on record that Professor Olusola Eleka with other leaders in the South were the first to throw in their caps in support of the party’s position.

Why is Samuel Omotoso ranting; insulting the leaders of the party for toeing the paths of justice and equity to restore hope in the party? How can he be wiser than the likes of Senator Duro Faseyi, H.E, Dr Tae Lawal, Honourable Wale Aribisala, Hon Kehinde Agboola, Amb. Bejide, Dr.Kayode Adaramodu, Hon.Akutupu, Local Government Chairmen, and other relevant leaders,members and stakeholders of the party who agreed that the party positions should be zoned according to the Constitution?

It is important to note, however, that Omotoso is not different from Pelemo, Dayo Maxima, and other former Assembly members. There is no place in the Constitution where an ordinary former floor member of the House of Assembly has the power to speak for the party or make decisions for it.

One would have imagined that a man who is on the watch list of security agencies in Ekiti State for different crimes is still causing civil unrest in the party. I would advise Samuel Omotoso to come out from his hiding and make himself available to the constituted authority. You cannot run forever: you will be caught one day and be prosecuted accordingly. It is better you exonerate yourself of the allegations that are making you hiding like a rabbit.Rabbits are known for their timidity and quickness to seek cover when they feel threatened or after engaging in any activity that might draw attention to them. They instinctively run for cover and hide in burrows or dense vegetation to protect themselves. One should think you are a lion as you use to exaggerate yourself.

Lastly, Omotoso should stop punching the air. Professor Eleka is not his mate in all ramifications. If Dr. Omotoso and his cohort could adhere to zoning in their senatorial district to Ward level, what is the rationale for not affirming the same for the State Congress? The multifaceted man Omotoso should stop blaming people; rather, he should take responsibility for going against the organs of the party and guidelines of the congress.

In the grand arena of integrity and wisdom, Professor Eleka stands as a colossus, a beacon of enlightened leadership that Samuel Omotoso can only dream to fathom. Let it be known that Eleka’s principles and honour are the bulwark against the storm of mediocrity and divisiveness that Omotoso represents. In this epic clash, truth and virtue will always prevail over deceit and disorder.


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