Obakin, Fajemiyo, the Heirs’ Face of Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited


The story of a mega construction company in Nigeria, Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited is a good one for many to study. From the founding father to the seeding sons wearing the hats left by the two great men in the world of construction.

Both great men are well read. While High Chief Akinleye Fajemiyo was a holder of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Aberdeen, Scotland, the other, Chief Jonathan Obakin on the other hand was a holder of Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Ibadan.

The two great men both worked with the Western State of Nigeria. One, Fajemiyo at Water Board of Western Nigeria and later to University of Ife as an Engineer, while the other, Obakin, worked and retired at Senior Managerial level of Western State of Nigeria.

And after their retirement as findings revealed, a company, Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited was founded by the duo of Chief Jonathan Oladimeji Obakin and Engr. Akinleye Fajemiyo (both of the blessed memories). The establishment of the company made one to be the first Administrative and Finance Director, and other as First Chairman and Managing Director respectively, in 1975.

The company was incorporated in the same year, 1975 as a major player in the field of Engineering, Environment and Supply Services. A company wholly owned by Nigerian professionals, mainly engineers and administrators.

The company was registered as a construction company by the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing in category ‘D’ i.e. the highest category for Civil and Building Works, (Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited).

From the background history, while Chief Jonathan Obakin assumed the post of first Administrative and Finance Director of the company. His responsibility was to ensure the prompt and timely delivery of projects within the agreeable time frame of the projects. Engr. Akinleye Fajemiyo was to see to the execution of various projects. One can see a pattern here, the collaborative work in the hand of the two great men were positive, focus-driven and enviable to many intending a partnership work.

To the glory of God, the duo of Chief Obakin and High Chief Fajemiyo have passed on to the hands of their Lord. While High Chief Fajemiyo passed-on on 9th of March 2010, Chief Obakin joined his friend and partner on the 17th day of November 2017 to brief him where he had took the company to in the last seven (7) years he has left him to man the affairs of the business they co-owned.

Has the company faded away with the founder?

No, with the passing on of the two jolly good friends and founders of Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited, the company must continue to be inexistence. And God’s willing, the duo had sons as heirs of the company. But something spectacular is happening with the heirs of the duo. They are turning the table of duty. Late High Chief Akinleye who is a reputable and renowned engineer has been replaced by Mr. Akindele Fajemiyo who is a graduate of Economics like his father’s partner and co-founder, Late Chief Obakin. While Late Chief Obakin is replaced by his own son as well, Engr. Emmaneul Obakin is like his father’s partner and co-founder, High Chief Fajemiyo.

The above can be said to have further explained the love and mutual relationship that existed within the two partners’ families.

But Akindele Fajemiyo, High Chief Akinkeye Fajemiyo’s heir joined the company Lee Fakino Nig Ltd as an Administrative officer having studied Economics from University of Ado Ekiti. He also worked at the Federal Road Safety Coprs (FRSC). Emmanuel Obakin, Chief Jonathan Obakin’s heir holds a Bsc in Civil Engineering from the University of Lagos and Msc in Construction Project Management from University of West of England Bristol in the UK. Emmanuel Obakin who is also a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers sojourn Inaolaji Builders, Konsadem Associates Limited and International Civil Engineering Consultants ( ICECON ) on various projects before joining his father’s co-owned company Lee Fakino Nig Ltd as a site Agent cum Project Manager.

Definitely, the duo of Akindele Fajemiyo and Emmanuel Obakin have to step in and manage the heritage left by the duo’s founding fathers who died in 2010 and 2017 respectively.

The future of Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited is assured

Still Obakin, Fajemiyo, now the face of Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited as co- Managing Directors of their fathers heritage doing wonders and enviable things in the world of construction works in Nigeria. Under their hands, the duo have worked and delivered multi-millions and billions naira of projects from state and federal governments, government institutions and private organizations owing to their reputable stand in construction and engineering fields.

Lee Fakino Nigeria Limited
CED – Construction & Engineering Digest (2021)


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