Makinde’s Young Appointees Commit To Reelection Bid, Unveil Plans •Present Gift To Gov


Young Appointees, a team composed of young political appointees serving under the current administration, met with Governor Seyi Makinde today.

The group acknowledged that its support for the government is unquantifiable, urging the entire indigenes and residents of Oyo state to continue supporting the governor.

The appointees under the auspices of Young Appointees for Seyi’s Re-election, YASR, have been complementing the good efforts of Governor Seyi Makinde in the grassroot by carrying out life touching activities.

Comrade Deji Ola, one of the appointees, while speaking during the presentation, appreciated Governor Seyi Makinde for prioritizing youth engagement and development; he also pointed out that, the struggle for the re-election of the governor was borne out of massive growth and accelerated developing being enjoyed by the citizens and residents of the state.

He added that the team would continue to appreciate Makinde’s genuine efforts to reposition Oyo state to its deserving status by rallying support for his re-election bid through community based initiatives such like, Town Hall meetings, community by community sensitisation, house-to-house campaigns at the grassroots and remote parts of the state.

“We have come together to form a formidable team capable of projecting and complementing the good work of Governor Seyi Makinde both online and offline.

“We have activated many strategies and the good news is that, many citizens and residents of the state have volunteered to be part of this campaign process.

“This is another validation that our principal is well accepted by the good people of Oyo state.

“We believe in his leadership and I want to say, with high sense of responsibility, that with the support of other youths in the state, Governor Seyi Makinde will be given another fresh mandate in other to sustain the ongoing development in the state.”


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