The S A to Governor Seyi Makinde on Islamic Affairs, Imam Abdulrasheed Abdulazeez, on Tuesday, marked his birthday in a ramification including different activities aimed towards the re-election of the governor in the state.

Part of the activities include special prayer session, house-to-house campaign at Ibadan North West Local Government Area, Ward 8, where he has politically influence to mobilise support for the governor and other PDP House of Assembly candidates.

Equally, spiritual activity was not left out, an activity that made him engage in mosque-to-mosque campaign where he met with a number of Asalatu groups and Arabic schools within Ibadan, urging the Muslim faithfuls to come out en masse and vote for the governor and other HOA candidates on Saturday. March 11

According to Imam, the governor, apart from the fact that he has never relegated any religion in the state, he has also been making efforts to ensure unity exists among Christian and Muslim faithfuls.

He said: “We all know that the governor has done well in all the 4 pillars, which his administration is standing on. He pays salary of civil servants regularly and even the pensioners, and has never defaulted. So, we want him to continue the good works he is doing for the people of the state.

“I have the opportunity to be serving in this government and the office of Islamic Affairs, which I am heading, happens to be the first office specially created to cater for the affairs of Muslims in the state. No governor has ever done that. That is not all.

“If not for the fact that he loves Muslims, the Hajj programme of year 2019 when he came on board would not have been made possible. He built Adogba mosque and Islamic Centre, which are of international standard, for the Muslims. Let us also look at all the Ramadan lectures he has organised so far, Omituntun Central Mosque, sending people to Hajj and umrah and others. With all the things he has done, it means he didn’t start all these good things when he got into government but before.

“Most of us are aware that those surrounding him are Muslims and he balanced the appointments of Christians and Muslims in his government. So, all of these are enough reasons to vote him again on Saturday.”

Recall that sometimes in March, year 2022, officials from Saudi university and Imam Makkah honored the governor for his religious tolerance in the state.


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