JUST IN: Presidential/NASS Election: ‘Vote PDP From Top To Bottom’, Makinde Urges Nigerians


Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has urged the people of the state and Nigerians to vote for all the candidates of the party “from top to bottom”.

Makinde, who stated this in a newsletter released on Thursday, noted that Nigerians won’t have a repeat of the pain and suffering they have experienced in the last eight years if PDP candidates are massively voted into positions of leadership.

The newsletter read in part:

“I know things have been tough out there. Thankfully, the fuel scarcity is gradually easing, but the Naira scarcity persists. I can only say, hang in there. I hope that the palliatives we offered are helping in some way to alleviate the difficulties experienced at this time. I also hope that these difficulties have sufficiently riled us to use our PVC, not violence, to send a strong message to political parties, individuals and all enablers of bad governance that take the welfare of the people for granted when we go to the polls on Saturday.

“Our campaign train is finally coming to a stop. We have been on the trail since January 7, 2023. It was exciting touring all 33 local government areas of the state and hearing directly from all stakeholders. The interactions on the campaign trail have, once again, reinforced my belief that our Oyo State Roadmap for Sustainable Development 2023-2027 is the blueprint we need now that we have managed to pull the state out of the trenches using the Oyo State Roadmap for Accelerated Development 2019-2023.

“As I stated at the debate with candidates of other political parties yesterday, there is a huge difference between theoretical and experiential knowledge. Our 2019-2023 roadmap was 70% implemented because it was mostly rooted in reality. Yes, 70% is excellent, but we could have performed even better if we had the benefits of the insights that we now have. This is why Omituntun 2.0 is an upgrade. We will put to more practical use, the knowledge we acquired under Omituntun 1.0.

“We will consider all the feedback we have received and use them to serve the good people of Oyo State. And so, as we wrap up the campaigns, we will use the next two weeks for further consultations with other stakeholders to ensure that Omituntun 2.0 is a success. I am excited about implementing our plans for the next four years, and I know you are too.

“So, if you still have any undecided voters on your list, this is the time to call them up and help them decide to vote for the PDP from top to bottom in Oyo State.

“By the next time I write to you, we will, barring any electoral reruns, have a new President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Vote wisely, this Saturday, so we do not have a repeat of the pain and suffering we have experienced in the last eight years.”


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