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INTERVIEW: Open Salawu At 50: ‘I Feel Great’ – Babalaje Of Ogbomoso Thanks Creator, Family, Friends


The Babalaje of Ogbomoso land, Engineer Mufutau Open Salawu clocks 50 today. In this interview, he spoke about his childhood, career, among others.

How do you feel at 50?

I feel great. Thanks to my creator, My family, friends and Associates.

What is your childhood like?

I was born in Bida, Niger state. My parents are very kind and entrepreneurs. They gave us the best they could and we are largely responsible for what we become in life.

I started my primary school education at Bida and later moved to St. Clare’s Nursery and Primary school at Osogbo. I had my secondary education at Government College Bida. I went to Federal Polytechnic Bida, Federal University technology Akure, Federal University of Technology Minna and Harvard University.

I was stubborn and surrounded by family members that love and care for me. It was cool as a child growing up.

Why are you in politics?

I’m in politics to serve my people better.

You were close to former Governor Ajimobi and now with Governor Seyi, how come?

I’m close to former Governor Akala as well. Maybe, I’m just a pleasant person to be with. The truth is that I am a committed and principled person, if I am with you 100%. Come to answer your question, both Governor Seyi and Former Governor Ajimobi are different characters. The circumstances are different.

You worked so hard for the reelection of Governor Seyi Makinde, what’s it like?

It was a collective effort which was made easier by the good performance of Governor Seyi Makinde. The only peculiarity is that Ogbomoso used to be a one way traffic in voting pattern and we were able to deflect it. We of the PDP scored over 20,000 votes against our rivals that got about 10,000 votes.

If you have my kind of relationship with Governor Seyi Makinde, you can’t afford not to be loyal to him.

We saw you when the SDP Governorship Candidate addressed a press conference and stepped down for Governor Seyi Makinde, what can you say about that?

Yes, I persuaded him to step down and support our Governor and he agreed. That was the best thing for him to do at that time.

Ogbomoso Politics, what do you think?

Ogbomoso is the second largest dense population area in Oyo State and our people are republican in nature. Naturally, leadership revolves and things change. I know our people will not regret their support for the Governor.

What is your political ambition or expectations in this Administration of Omituntun 2.0?

Enough of politics please, today is supposed to be my 50th birthday not a political talk show.

Babalaje of Ogbomosoland what are your business contributions in Ogbomoso?

It’s a title that carries a lot of responsibility but the economic situation of our people and the purchasing power is so low. First, we are working on mentoring and orientating our people to be business minded and catching up with the jet age of business prepositions.

Letting the youth know the importance of skills accusations and economic liberation, exposing them on their areas of choosing careers.

Also we injected funds directly into the community for wealth distribution purposes and a lot more.

You are also the Waziri Jari Nupe, Saraki Adini and Giwa Adini of Oyo, what can you say about that?

I think all these titles are appreciations from my people. I never lobby for any but it also shows that people recognize good work.

Hope politics is not taking over your professional career?

I don’t think so. I am a fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and other professional bodies. Professionals are also expected to be in active politics. If the current Minister of Works And Housing is to be an Engineer he would have done better.

How do you relax?

I swim, play tennis, chess and talk to my Wife. Thank you very much for your time and Happy 50th birthday. Thank you for having me.



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