Ido LG Chair, Adeojo, Drills Borehole For Onigbodogi Community, Apete


The Executive Chairman of Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State, Hon. Sherrif Adeojo, has executed another humanitarian project by drilling a borehole for Onigbodogi community, located at Apete area of Ibadan.

The borehole, which was drilled in the community, on Saturday, was greeted by dancing and celebration as the residents could not contain their excitement and happiness.

Adeojo, while speaking on the development, stated that the decision was to complement the effort of the state government being led by Governor Seyi Makinde, adding that the plight of the people of the community was becoming unbearable in terms of getting water to use in their different households.

In his words: “Since I assumed the position of chairmanship, there have been several complaints about the community’s source of water. They go through a lot of hassles to get drinking water, especially during the dry season.

“So, being a remote community, I don’t want it to look as though they are forgotten members of the society, and this was what actually moved me to drill the borehole to assist them. I feel as the chairman of the Council, which this community falls under, I need to complement the effort of the state governor by making our people feel the impact of government no matter where they are residing.”

“We all know that water is the most important natural resource of life and therefore our existence as humans largely depend on the quality of water we consume. As a local government, it is expected that we make the people feel the impact of government no matter how little it could be.

“So, I see this project of provide clean, portable and quality water to this community as a must-do service to our good people, though we will do more as we proceed in the issue of governance.”

Adeojo, however, called on the community to come out en masse on March 11 to vote for the continuity of good governance, which the governor of the state has embarked upon since inception of the current administration.


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