Earlier before this date, I had secured the nomination of My Leader and the Governor of Oyo State, Governor Seyi Makinde and on the Sixteenth Day of October 2021, our teeming delegates voted for me as the State Youth Leader of the ruling People’s Democratic Party in Oyo State.

My heart is full of thanks and gratitude to His Excellency who has a penchant for identifying, harnessing and promoting talents and abilities. I specially thank the Governor who brought me out of obscurity and gave me the wings to fly. He gave me the license to sit amidst kings, priest and leaders, he ensured that my seat was moved from mid table to front table. Seyi Makinde is indeed a God Sent Man

This past one year has been so eventful and very engaging, it has been exciting and sometimes stretching!

The short and long journeys, the meetings, the long calls, the engagements, the switch to every kind of lifestyle as occasion demands, the gifts and privileges 😉, the Billings 😢. It’s been an awesome experience really.

One major thing I have learnt in these twelve months is the place of a strong support system and I have enjoyed tremendous support from the Chairman of our Party, Hon. Dayo Ogungbenro and Alhaji Wasiu Adeleke who is my Chief Promoter, mentor, boss and the State Secretary of our Party.

I have also, by the grace of God, enjoyed the support of our leaders, OTUNBA Segun Ogunwuyi, Senator Hosea Agboola Halleluyah, Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, Alhaji Akeem Azeez, Otunba Seye Famojuro, Hon. Dare Adeleke and our highly respected leaders across the state

God in His mercies blessed me with men who are very understanding, very wise and good people as Senatorial and Local Government Youth Leaders, they have made the task very easy. This is to say that I lead arguably the best team in any political party in this state.

I have made some mistakes while on this job, I have made some bad decisions, I have also made good decisions, I have also learnt from my inadequacies and mistakes and I am committed to improving daily.

If there are no Youths, there won’t be a Youths Leader! I want to specially appreciate every youth who privately or publicly identifies with our party, the PDP for accepting my leadership and allowing me to be in the front. I’m not the best but I enjoy the backing and support of my constituents which to me, it is the most important

I thank the 38 other State Executives for their team spirit and common desire to see PDP continually lead Oyo State. Thank you all for making a better leader!

I’m making a fresh commitment to you all that I will always get better and don’t always to point out Grey area where we need to improve to me.

Let us continually work together to institute good governance and genuine democratic practices firstly, In our state and then eventually in our nation, Nigeria.

12 Months Gone!
36 Months To Come!

Let’s continue to engage ourselves especially as we move towards the election!

Micheal Ogunsina
State Youth Leader, Oyo State PDP.


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