Ekiti PDP Affirms Zoning Of Party Positions, Orders Distribution Of New Party Register Across 177 Wards


The State Working Committee (SWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party, Ekiti State in line with the provisions of Section 2 and 7(3)[c] and of the Constitution of the Peoples Democratic Party (as amended in 2017) adhered to the longstanding tradition of rotation/swapping of the State Working Committee and Assistant Executive positions in the Party during its meeting today 13th day of May, 2024.

The positions currently held in the three Senatorial Districts including the Assistant positions were swapped and encouraged other organs of the Party in the State to follow suit in preparedness for the upcoming Congresses.

The SWC positions currently in the Central Senatorial District switched to the South Senatorial District include:
1). State Party Chairman
2). State Publicity Secretary
3). State Organising Secretary
4). Senatorial Chairman.

Conversely, the SWC positions currently in the North Senatorial District was shifted to the Central Senatorial District. These positions consist of:
1). State Secretary
2). State Youth Leader
3). State Treasurer
4). State Financial Secretary
5). Senatorial Chairman

Likewise, the position currently held in the South Senatorial District was moved to the North Senatorial District of the State;
1). State Deputy Chairman
2). State Women Leader
3). State Legal Adviser
4). State Auditor
5). Senatorial Chairman.

It is however important to note that the different state assistant positions in each senatorial district go along the rotation of the statutory SWC offices in the respective zones.

In the same vein, the SWC ordered that the Party Register secured for the 177 Wards in Ekiti State is to be the local government Party Chairmen together with ward Chairmen and secretaries in agreement with the leaders between Tuesday 14th May, 2024 and Thursday 16th May, 2024 to pick up the registers from the state secretariat and submit same in good conditions to the office of the State Secretary before the 29th day of May, 2024

It is however unequivocally stated that all members must purchase a new membership card and names including new members should be allowed to write down their details in the new party Registers but averse to the registration of members involved in anti Party with proof.

The State Working Committee agreed that the the State Executive Committee (SEC) meeting will be scheduled to take place in no distance time.



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