The Presidential Campaign Committee, the National Working Committee, members of our great Party in Ekiti, the concerned sympathizers of our great Party, and the public is hereby informed that PDP leaders were not adequately carried along on the constitution of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Council in Ekiti.

The list submitted by the immediate governorship candidate of the party, Hon. Bisi Kolawole, to suit the whims and caprices of former governor Fayose is an aberration that is vastly rejected by members of the Party in Ekiti.

It is noteworthy to state expressly that positions were allotted to people who are believed to be loyal to Fayose without considering their contact with the grassroots in their respective Local Governments before recognising them to take up such salient positions they were given unilaterally, and these are sensitive campaign position allotted to achieve a moradonic approach of double-dealing with the people Democratic Party and Tinubu, without the slightest chances of anybody knowing in the Peoples Democratic Party.

In the best interest of the party and our presidential candidate, it is important to review the list to have competent hands in charge of significant roles to play and ensure such a list is not dominated by the surrogates of men who claim to be working for the Peoples Democratic Party at the National but working for the All Progressives Congress at the state, dividing, disorganising and taunting the party by romancing the All Progressives Congress at the state.

One would wonder when such a list was compiled by State Working Committee (SWC) or State Executive Council (SEC) when these organs of the party have ceased communication having been deliberately divided by the former governor Fayoss and the Party weakened, as there is confirmation that for some months now there has never been a formal meeting of the party executives since PDP lost in the last governorship election. How long would this abnormality continue in the party when there is a crucial election ahead?

It is a clear indication that the campaign list was concocted by the Acting Chairman and the immediate governorship candidate of the party in the governorship election in collaboration with Fayose to sabotage the campaign by involving incompetent people and planting his surrogates at the sensitive positions of the campaign to disable the chances of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti in favour of his benefactor; Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.

And again, we must remind the National that the list submitted by former governor Fayose’s surrogates, even though they deliberately included some leaders of the party in Ekiti to give it credibility, it still does not represent the diversity of interest groups in Ekiti PDP. It solely allocated relevant positions of the campaign to the Fayose’s group which may twang the golden opportunity to win Ekiti for Atiku. Apart from the lopsidedness in the list, Fayose’s continuous romance with All Progressive Congress candidates in Ekiti is a bad omen for the party in the state and the list that emanated from him if approved by the Presidential Campaign Council or the National Working Committee will get the party members disenchanted.

His predisposition to the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti has caused a lot of division in the party from Ward to Local government. There are a lot of verifiable shreds of evidence of Fayose campaigning against Senator Olujimi who is the only principal officer of the party in the Senate from Ekiti, and having the candidates of the All Progressives Congress for House of representatives candidates regularly as guests in his house. And these are candidates of the party that will be having their election on the same day as the presidential election.

Approving Fayose or his surrogate, Otunba Bisi Kolawole or the acting State Chairman of the Party list is an indication that the Presidential Campaign Council and the National Working Committee are encouraging former governor Fayose in his anti-party activities in the state and it will appear they are supporting Fayose’s open canvases to make the candidates of the Party to fail in their elections.

Nonetheless, it should further be emphasised and reiterated that approving the list as claimed to have been submitted by SWC who has never held any serious meeting for the past four months, through whoever to the Presidential Campaign Council and the Working Committee will validate Fayose anti-party activities which will dampen the zest of party members in the state as earlier opined. Does it mean Fayose has the monopoly to engage in anti-party activities without caution from the National? Does it mean his nomenclature as former governor bestows on him the temerity to openly work against the party in the state?

Fayose does not represent our interest in Ekiti State. His attitudes and leadership are inimical to the progress of PDP. We deserve quintessential leaders who are more straightforward in dealing with party members. If Fayose continues in this manner, we are afraid that PDP may not get it right in the subsequent elections and the continued abandonment of the Party in Ekiti by the National Working Committee and their indifference belittle the National leadership of the Party


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