Despite Being A Christian, AgbaAkin Akika Renovates Olosun Central Mosque


The Agbaakin Olorunda Aaba, Benedict akika, has extended his heart of benevolence to Olosun Community in Lagelu Local Government of Oyo State.

Olosun Central Mosque is an old mosque in the Olosun Community where Muslims worship, which has recently been renovated by Chief Benedict Akika to a befitting standard.

Appreciating the gesture, Imam AbdulWaheed Ganiyu of Olosun Central Mosque, noted that Agbaakin Akika, despite his religious belief, has being doing well for the Muslim Community.

He said: “I appreciate Chief Akika for helping in renovating the Mosque. There are Muslims who cannot do this but he is a Christian and he took it over himself to do it. This is the level of religious tolerance which we should show to ourselves as people created by God and citizens of Oyo State and Nigeria.

“I want to pray that the Almighty God will bless him more and make his way straight before him. We say Thank You.”

In recent times, Agbaakin Akika has renovated several mosques and provided social amenities across various Local Governments in Oyo State, to complement the good governance of Governor Seyi Makinde.

Similarly, Apon Cental Mosque Akinyele Local Government has been constructed and to be commisioned soon.


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