Democracy Has Been A Beacon Of Hope For Our Market Men, Women – Oyo Iyaloja-General, Princess Folashade Abeo


Oyo State’s Iyaloja General, Azeezat Abeo Nurudeen Folashade, delivered a poignant Democracy Day message, emphasizing the transformative impact of democracy on the lives of market men and women across the state.

In her address, Azeezat Abeo Nurudeen Folashade underscored the pivotal role of democracy in fostering economic empowerment and growth within market communities.

She highlighted how democracy has provided unprecedented opportunities for market traders to thrive in an environment of free enterprise and equal opportunity.

“Democracy has been a beacon of hope for our market men and women,” stated Azeezat Abeo Nurudeen Folashade.

“It has opened doors for economic empowerment and growth, allowing our market communities to flourish and contribute significantly to the prosperity of our state.”

The Iyaloja General emphasized the importance of supporting market communities through initiatives aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, enhancing access to finance, and improving infrastructure.

She reaffirmed the importance of creating an enabling environment for business growth and development.

“By empowering our market men and women, we are not only driving economic progress but also fostering community cohesion and resilience,” Azeezat Abeo Nurudeen Folashade remarked.

“Their hard work and determination are fundamental to the economic prosperity of our state.”

In conclusion, the Iyaloja general, Azeezat Abeo Nurudeen Folashade called for renewed dedication to ensuring that the voices of market communities are heard and their needs addressed.

She urged stakeholders to work together towards building a future where every market trader can thrive and where economic opportunities are accessible to all.

As Oyo State commemorates Democracy Day, the message from the Iyaloja General serves as a reminder of the transformative power of democracy in empowering market men and women and shaping a brighter future for all citizens.


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