Yorubaland is a land of culture where respect for elders is sacrosanct. Yet, that same culture prescribes responsibilities and duties for elders. The ecosystem envisages mutually reciprocal observance of societal norms by both youth and elders.

If out of desperation, a leader opts to pull down the house rather than quit; if a leader after electoral failure, decided to set the house ablaze; if a leader due to popular rejection by the masses, set out to further bankrupt the state; co-owners of the household reserve the right to call him out. Publicly cautioning such elder is not anti-culture; it is a bold bid to stop attempt to destroy communally owned assets.

From July 16th when Osun people rejected Governor Oyetola, the administration under his watch has launched a rabid onslaught against the well being of Osun state. The outgoing government is acting a convoluted revenge script borne out of anti-people mind-set devoid of democratic instinct and clouded by vengeful outlook. Not minding the bigger picture of history as a ruthless recorder of human affairs, the Governor is daily acting like a wounded operative shooting sporadically at imaginary targets. In the pursuit of devilish and fascist ‘anigbele’ ideology, the leader is transforming into little Hitler without the skills and the armoury of the German Reich.

Unknown to the leader, he is daily ostracising the few that remain within his fold, acting every inch like an ultra right winger averse to all democratic tenets and refusing even in the die minute his open loss at the polls. His party is badly split and his President has abandoned him. His last days are not diary of uplifting state conduct; they are pictorial display of all that is reprehensible and condemnable especially from the view of well being of Osun people.

Immediately after Osun people decided on July 16th, the leader embarked on state actions which if taken two years ago would not have raised eyebrow but which taken after major loss fit perfectly into spiteful punitive agenda. For example , a bipartisan consensus is that Osun is challenged on payroll and pension. The first task of a shrewd administrator is to manage subsisting fiscal crisis. Deliberately employing thousands of workers is a callous bid to weaken the financial status of the state. Awarding contracts worthy billions of naira in breach of procurement law is not good governance or exercise of leadership right to govern. No leader took an oath to destroy a state he swore to govern. If that sad reality turns out to be so, the citizens reserve the inalienable to fight back.

Worst still, defending the illegality of the sham council election is the most unpardonable any propagandist can commit. The largely failed poll was conducted in breach of the electoral laws. Requisite notice was not given. It was not a discretionary matter an Oladitan can decide. Seeking to build legality on illegality undermines the scholarship of some baby lawyers. At a time pensioners are dying in droves, almost two billion was wasted. What is that if not leadership wickedness!!!

Davido as an accomplished global star did not mobilise thugs during last election. Some people did and even harbour them. He rather mobilised youth for election, setting a good example as an activist musician in search of a better governed society. Davido’s father also did not tie corns to his back, so no hen can run after him. The Dad is a creator of jobs, a major pillar of national economy and an avid lover of good governance. Where is the basis for comparism?

Everyday, every leader pens his own history. It is a matter of choice, to be a villain or a saint. Whatever the choice, none will be allowed to silence the voice of good governance.

Olawale Rasheed, writer, businessman & politician, writes from Odo Oba, Iwo.


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