Aviation Unions Moves To International Terminal, Cause Heavy Gridlock


As a result of the ongoing industrial action by aviation unions in Nigeria, offices of agencies of the Ministry of Aviation, including the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria and the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, have been locked down.

Unionists have laid siege at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, causing heavy traffic leading to the airport.

The unions have threatened to totally shut down Nigeria Airspace seven days after the end of the two-day warning strike.

The presence of heavy security, including the police and army, has been observed at strategic points around the airport, while the unionists have been chanting solidarity songs.

One of the unionists, Comrade Abdulrarak Saidu, expressed disappointment that nothing has been done to ensure that the conditions of service are adhered to, even after eight years.

He also criticised the minister for wanting to pull down offices of agencies and parastatals in Lagos state, stating the minister wants to turn his policy into law and lord it over the industry, even when it is flawed.

“He wants to destroy buildings in the sector for a Road map that was not approved for Lagos, even the one approved in Abuja for the aerotropolis nothing has happened there and he wants to turn his policy to law.


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