The United Nations witnessed a remarkable gathering of global executives, investors, and influential figures at the High-Level Global Executive Investment and Grants Intervention Roundtable, held at Mission House in Nigeria, in the margins of the 78th United Nations General Assembly.

Organized by the Merited Negotiating Consulting firm in partnership with Strategic Groups USA LCC, this event aimed to leverage the presence of world leaders, country delegations to UNGA, development partners, and top executives from international institutions to foster international partnerships and secure resources for financing Africa’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The event kicked off with an opening address by Ambassador (Prof.) Tijjani Muhammad Bande, GCON, who expressed appreciation for the organizers and highlighted Nigeria’s welcoming business environment.

Hon. Ted Scott Yoho, former Congressman and Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture and Foreign Affairs, enthusiastically proclaimed that investors are eager to invest in Nigeria due to its vast opportunities and impressive human capital development indexes.

He emphasized the need for Nigeria to tap into global intervention grants.

Prof. Dave Brat, former Congressman and Vice-President of Engagements and Public Relations at Liberty University, along with his role as Chairman of the CEO Forum in the United States, pledged support to Merited Negotiating Consulting Firm and Strategic Group in sourcing investments across various sectors, including Agriculture, Mining, Marine, Aviation, Renewable Energy, and Human Capital Development.

The event attracted numerous investors from various countries, including Kanti Pandya, President of Satnaam Development and Contracting Group SDCG LLC, and Simon Vandi, Managing Partner of Manhattan Global Investments, among others.

The Executive Vice-Chairman of Merited Negotiating, Kunle Yusuff, MON, conveyed via a Zoom call with journalists that the event had opened up various business opportunities and provided access to intervention grants for both government and private sectors.

He emphasized that the event’s objective was also to rally developmental partners and donor agencies to fund projects and programs for non-governmental organizations in Nigeria.

In the closing remarks, the CEO of Strategic Groups USA LCC expressed his long-held desire to bring serious investors interested in Nigeria together. He thanked Kunle Yusuff, MON, for initiating this successful event, hinting at its future as an annual program.

This high-profile gathering marks a significant step toward strengthening international collaborations for the benefit of Nigeria’s development and its pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dignitaries in attendance included Amb.(Prof.) Tijjani Muhammad Bande, GCON, Nigeria’s UN Permanent Representative, Hon. Ted Scott Yoho, former Congressman, Prof. Dave Brat, Former Congressman and Vice-President of Liberty University, Dele Kelvin Oye, President of the National Association of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture, Chiu Lin Wang, CEO of Phoenix Group, and Phil Ostrowski, Managing Partner of Manhattan Global Investments, along with delegations from Delta and Zamfara States


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