The Osun State Government is constrained to report yet another discovery of mindless looting of public properties at the Governor’s lodge in Abuja.

The unprecedented pillaging of assets in the lodge was uncovered when a physical inspection was conducted on the facility during the weekend.

On the physical inspection team was the Chairman of State Assets Inventory and Recovery Committee, Dr B.T Salam and other top government functionaries.

The lodge was stripped of all valuables acquired with public fund by those officials of the past administration.

From the main house to the service flats and up to the boys quarters, clear indications of valuables removed can be observed. Items such as television sets, chairs, foams, electrical fittings, bed sheets, spoons and cutleries, among other valuables were illegally removed from the lodge.

Every utility vehicles procured for use in the lodge was also carted away from the building. The lodge was in a terrible state and similar to the way we found the Deputy Governor’s quarters and others at the Government House in Osogbo following the brazen looting of that facility.

We are shocked by this lust for materialism as evidenced in the unexplained pilfering of public properties by officials of the past administration. Civil servants in the Abuja lodge confirmed the pillaging of state’s asset by Mr Oyetola’s men but said they were powerless in stopping them.

That this happened in the Federal Capital Territory is another peep into the gross abuse of office and by officials of the past administration. Those who think we were playing politics with the revelation only just need to see the level of theft of public assets that we found on ground.

This matter, just like those before it, is being looked into by the Assets Inventory and Recovery Committee and we want to assure the public of this government’s firm resolve to recover every stolen assets. We want to call on whoever is in possession of public properties to return them forthwith. The Assets recovery committee is working round the clock to track and recover all looted assets.

Mallam Olawale Rasheed,
Spokesperson to the Executive Governor


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