The Executive Governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke has frowned at several incidents of political violence in Osun state, declaring that “election is about choice making, not war”

Speaking while receiving political leaders who visited him on the massive electoral successes of the last elections today, the State chief executive described acts of thuggery and violence as against the spirit of democracy which envisages choice making through the ballot.

While commending the concerted efforts of the security agencies, Governor Adeleke decried shedding of innocent blood “simply because some politicians are unwilling to allow free and fair polls”, positing that ” the voters, the citizens decide who leads them.

“My election as Governor on July 16,2022 has been reaffirmed and revalidated by mass victories for me and my party on February 2th and on March 18th of this year. The whole world can attest to the fact that our mandate is of the people, by the people and for the people.

“Elected people hold power in trust for the people. We must therefore bow to people’s will. When you fail in a poll, go back and prepare for the next round of election. That is democracy in action. We must eschew violence. It is unacceptable to kill and maim people you are seeking to govern.

“As we celebrate the successes of the poll, we are also sympathizing with victims of political violence across the state. We are saddened by deliberate acts of thuggery in some parts of the state. I will repeat here that election is not war but choice making” , Governor Adeleke restated.

He then called on the residents of the state to get back to work, adding that it is time to focus on the urgent task of building a better Osun state.

“Now is the time to support the government’s efforts to address our developmental challenges. We need all hands on deck to improve the growth of the various sectors of the society”, he emphasized.


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