2023: Yahoo Boys Would Become Experts At Creating Chips If I Become President, Tinubu Admits


The APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, while speaking at the APC presidential campaign rally in Edo State, made another gaffe after he said he would turn Yahoo boys into experts that will produce chips and “datdat.”

He made the statement while trying to promise the people what he would do for them if they voted for him. 

He said: “I will create a multi-billion dollar project, turn the country into an economic land center, give the scheme to the boys, start credit lending for capital formation, provide small scale endorsements for them to be alone, and get rid of estimated billing.”

“I can remain here until tomorrow, but I have people waiting for me, so I will beg for my release. We’ll turn this state into an energy state and turn the so-called Yahoo Boys into experts in the manufacturing and creation of chips (“datdat”).


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