2023: Why Oyo LP Dumped Its Guber Candidate Gor Makinde – Rep Candidate


Candidate of the Labour Party in Ibadan North Federal Constituency in the just concluded presidential and National Assembly elections, Femi Dexter Akin-Alamu said on Monday that the party decided to support the re-election bid of Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State for the March 11 governorship election.

He said that the leadership of the party are of the view that the governor has shown capacity to lead Oyo State to greater heights.

Akin-Alamu, in a statement made public in Ibadan, said that the governor has shown vision and the desire to engineer a modern Oyo State, adding that leaders of the Labour Party have seen that the governor’s vision tallies with their aspirations for the state.

He said: “After much thoughts, prayers and consultation with the leadership of Labour Party in the state, I, together with other leaders of the Labour Party in Oyo State have decided to give our full and unreserved support to the person that we believe stands way above others in our assessment.

“We cannot preach a different gospel when it seems not to favour the candidate of our party. Party loyalty cannot be put above public good.”

He said that the leadership of LP had met with the party’s gubernatorial candidate for a review after the presidential election and arrived at the realisation that it was better to support the re-election bid of Governor Makinde.

He added: “I saw the need to meet with the governorship candidate of the Labour Party so as to understand his plans, vision and strategy in order to arm my convictions about his candidature so that we can go to work.

Before I could make this happen, I was invited to a meeting of all candidates and state EXCO on Wednesday and was told by the chairman that the meeting was put together to review the February 25 Elections and hear from the governorship candidate about his plans for the March 11 elections.

“At the meeting, it was acknowledged that the Labour Party indeed has great opportunities, but those opportunities must be maximized. “Since a lot of people have accused our gubernatorial candidate of doing almost nothing to win his election, he was requested to tell the assembly his plans, vision, strategy and budget for the election. He was also requested to tell how much he had to spend for the elections and if there was any shortfall between his budget and how much he had.

“The assembly wanted to know his strategy to raise the shortfall.

“Unfortunately, the gubernatorial candidate was upset about the questions, and he thought the best thing to do was walk out on everyone.

“When he left, the state EXCO reached a unanimous decision that the gubernatorial candidate lacked the seriousness, commitment, and capacity required to win the election and the party should therefore find another gubernatorial candidate from another party to support.

Personally, I have since then, been assessing all the main gubernatorial candidates of the other parties, assessing them in terms of the 7Cs required in a leader I would support, I assessed them in terms of character, competence commitment, capacity, credibility, compassion, and creative solutions to the problems of our state.
“Our full and unreserved support will, therefore, be going to his Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde in his re-election bid as the governor of our dear state.

“Difficult as it may, there is no way I can personally justify campaigning for our governorship candidate in good conscience when a candidate such as Engineer Seyi Makinde is in the race, and this is not based on any personal sentiments, but solely on the earlier mentioned seven leadership assessment criteria.”


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