2023: Ortom’s Bold Aide Resigns, Joins Atiku


Former senior special assistant to Samuel Ortom, Anngu Orngu, has revealed that he resigned his position as senior special assistant to the Benue state governor, Samuel Ortom so that he will be able to campaign for the presidential candidate of the people’s democratic party, Atiku Abubakar.

Anngu Orngu, who is a member of Atiku’s presidential campaign organisation, stressed that if he remained in Ortom’s government as his special assistant, it will be difficult for him to campaign for the presidential candidate of PDP given the lingering crisis in the people’s democratic party.

Anngu Orngu stated: “My continually being in his government places a moral burden on me and this does not give me the latitude to campaign vigorously for Atiku Abubakar the way I should. So, I decided to excuse myself from his government”.

You will recall tha governor Samuel Ortom is one of the aggrieved governors alongside Nyesom Wike and others in the people’s democratic party who has called for Ayu’s resignation.


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