The former commissioner for works and transportation, Prof. Raphael Afonja, has reaffirmed his commitment to the reelection of Governor Seyi Makinde.

Afonja equally refuted claims that his removal by the governor two years ago will prevent him from supporting the governor’s reelection bid.

He noted that the reason for his dismissal was devoid of politics and that he practically performed the task given to him.

He made this statement on Thursday while fielding questions from journalists shortly after the Town Hall meetings with the stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party, which held in Ogbomoso.

Recall that this medium had reported in August 2020 how Governor Makinde terminated Prof. Afonja’s appointment with immediate effect.

However, the reason for the commissioner’s sack was not officially stated, but Afonja had announced at a radio programme earlier on Monday that he spent 55 days treating COVID-19.

Prof. Afonja said: “In every government, there are interests, which tend to make things move. Whatever must have transpired between Gov Makinde and I at the time, all I can say is that during my time in office, I worked tirelessly for the success of the governor and Oyo State. My job was to work hard and I gave it all my best to deliver in line with vision of Mr Governor.”

When asked about why he hasn’t quit the party since being fired, which is understandably a common pattern, he pointed out that he won’t leave because he has invested a lot into the party.

“I am a party man and I have invested a lot in the party. The reason as to why I joined the party in the first place was in the interest of the masses. And come 2023, PDP would dislodge the ruling APC party from the top to bottom,” he said.

Asked if he would be willing to support Gov. Makinde’s reelection for another four years, Prof. Afonja also expressed his commitment to the campaign.

“For me, it’s more about interest and I believe in constitency and visionary project. The fact that the governor is committed to the development of the state, I’m going to support him as it’s a no brainer that Gov. Seyi Makinde has done well,” He said.

Afonja reiterated the need to expedite the process when questioned about the lingering crisis related to the Oba tussle and its delay.

He noted that Ghandi was said to have been nominated but also made an appeal to the kingmakers to collectively present a King designate without animosity.

In addition, Prof. Afonja urged the good people of Ogbomoso to vote for Gov. Makinde again in the forthcoming 2023 elections in order to ousts the APC from power and promote sustainable development across boards.


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